Naghsh-e-Moheet Consultants company was established in 1994 with the co-operation of active and experienced engineers aiming at creating a suitable context to promote creativity and quality of consulting services in terms of study and survey, planning, designing and supervision. The company has attempted to broaden the scale of specialties pertaining to its activities.

The combination of planners, urban designers, architects and civil engineers as founders of the firm, the team of experts currently co- operating with it including architects and planners as well as civil and various technical engineers in addition to experts in social, economic and environmental fields, Is the best proof to the endeavors in this regard which has led involving in wide range of projects in different urban and regional areas specially metropolitan areas in Iran.    

The firm is certified by Iran's programming and management organization to implement its expertise in urban planning, designing and supervision of various types of buildings.


Naghsh-e-Moheet Consultants company